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11.01.2020 / Come to me

Recently the Lord took me through different ways in His Word in which He invites us to come to Him. These are wonderful truths for you, as well as for me! You can use these truths prayerfully and respond to His invitation. 

Come to Me. This is My invitation to you; this is My command.

Come and live in the goodness of My love and grace.

Come in your need, confident that through My goodness I will satisfy that need.

Come with the confidence of the faith I have placed within you.

Come with a heart of devoted love.

Come with humility, in loving submission to My will.

Come, for I always await your coming and am ready to meet with you.

Come up higher to be with Me where I AM.

Come and receive the revelation I give to those who live at one with Me.

Come and hear the words the Lord your God speaks to your heart.

Come and I will reveal how awesome I AM, that you might live in ... Read more

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10.01.2020 / Wisdom from God

No matter what our circumstances we always need wisdom. Perhaps that is particularly true of our present circumstances. I felt moved by the Lord to do a word study on wisdom and what follows is the result of that. You'll find a lot of these truths in the first 8 chapters of the book of Proverbs and then I finish with some quotes from the letter of James.

God’s Word is our source for wisdom and for revelation and the instruction we need to receive from Him. It is through His words that we are given insight into His ways and so into His will for us. Then our actions can express the truth we have received from Him, the wisdom we have been given, so that we do what is right, just and fair in His eyes.

This knowledge we can pass on to others by example as well as by our words. Then, others can see the wisdom from God being expressed in our lives. So the wise first listen attentively to what God says in His word and then seek to obey whatever He tells them to do. When this is t ... Read more

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26.07.2018 / Daily Faith Confession

This is my personal daily confession of faith. I have been asked to publish this; so it is here for anyone who chooses to use it. Of course I can supplement this with further scriptural truths as and when necessary. Notice that every statement has biblical authority! You may like to write your own faith confession, for this will certainly enrich you spiritually as you continue to speak the Word of God over your life. You will notice that I have turned some of these truths into direct speech from God. This gives added encouragement, knowing the Lord is speaking these truths to me on a daily basis.


Be still and know that I am God.

I am who I am.

I am the same yesterday, today and for ever, majestic in holiness, awesome in glory, the worker of wonders.

I am the Lord, the Almighty; nothing is impossible for Me.

The government is on My shoulders and My Name is called Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Of the increase of My government and peace there will be no end.

I am ... Read more

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Colin Urquhart

Apostolic leader, founder of Kingdom Faith and well known author of many best sellers, Colin Urquhart has been ordained for over 50 years. His apostolic ministry is widely recognised and valued throughout the world. Read more...