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Christmas is a miraculous time! It is a time to celebrate the amazing miracle of the One who created the universe becoming part of the creation He had brought into being. He humbled Himself to such an extent that He shared our humanity by being born as a baby. He began His life on earth in the same way that each one of us did.

That He should be prepared to do this shows not only His humility but also the wonderful extent of His love for us. God had created man in His own image to be like Him. When men chose to sin that image was marred and fellowship with God was destroyed. But He had His plan to restore that fellowship and make it possible for us to be transformed into His likeness with ever increasing glory! Only through the execution of His plan could we again be made one with God in the way that He desired.

Jesus’ birth was only the first part of this plan. He had to live in perfect unity and fellowship with His Father throughout His time on earth so that then He could offer His life on the cross on our behalf. That was the punishment for our sins that we deserved, but that He bore on our behalf.

This sacrifice had to be made by One who shared our humanity completely. So He shared our human weakness and frailty, and was even tempted in every way just as we are. The major difference between Jesus and ourselves was that He never yielded to temptation and sinned.

He remained perfect so that His sacrifice would be the perfect sacrifice made on behalf of the imperfect, the sinless sacrifice on behalf of sinners, the righteous sacrifice made for the unrighteous!

So the whole of Jesus’ life on earth was a miracle and it is right for us to celebrate this miracle! The world may celebrate Christmas in the wrong way and often with wrong motives. But this does not prevent us from celebrating the wonderful birth of Jesus, which began this whole salvation process, in the right way and with the right motives: that we are truly thankful to God for this wonderful expression of His great love for us and that we want to rejoice in Him with all our hearts.

The miracle of Jesus’ birth has enabled a further miracle in the lives of all those who are born again, for the same Jesus that was born as a baby in Bethlehem has been born in their hearts and now lives within them by His Spirit!

What humility Jesus showed in coming to share in our humanity as a man! What amazing mercy and grace He has shown by showing His humility by being born in each one of us who has turned to Him with repentance and in faith! Now we can continue to live in Him and He in us! So the whole Christian gospel is wonderful, supernatural and miraculous, the Son of God coming to live in each person who has truly been born again!

Paul says that the key to being able to live the Christian life is that Christ lives in you. But this would not have become possible unless He had first come to live as a human being, had then lived in perfect obedience to His heavenly Father, and then had given His life in sacrifice for you on the cross.

So the miracle of His birth has led to the miracle of His birth in you, if you have been born again! How could we ever be thankful enough for such wonderful love, mercy and grace? All this has been God’s plan and purpose for you personally! I keep wanting to use the word ‘wonderful’ because it is all so wonderful!

For me Christmas is a wonderful time to celebrate in a wonderful way the wonderful truth that Jesus became man to make it possible for me to have a wonderful life because this same wonderful Jesus has come to live in me through the wonderful gift of His wonderful Spirit. And I rejoice that all this is the result of His wonderful love for me and for you and for all those for whom He lived, died and rose again! I pray that at every Christmas many more will come to know and appreciate its true meaning, surrender their lives to Jesus and experience for themselves His wonderful birth in them!

So have a wonderful Christmas, followed by a wonderful life in Jesus, for all eternity!

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Colin Urquhart

Apostolic leader, founder of Kingdom Faith and well known author of many best sellers, Colin Urquhart has been ordained for over 50 years. His apostolic ministry is widely recognised and valued throughout the world. Read more...