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(The following is a series of words received from the Lord in prayer concerning His Light, truths that are relevant for all believers. You can apply these words to your own personal life.)

I AM the WORD that is the LIGHT of LIFE!

Receiving that Light enabled you to become My child.

Just as Light is the creative force in the universe, so the entrance of that Light enabled Christ to be born in you.

The entrance of that Light causes the new birth that turns a sinner into a saint, one who is called to walk in the Light, be at one with the Light of the world, to live in fellowship with the Light and in covenant relationship with the Light.

The One who is the Light died for you to overcome every evidence of darkness in your life.

The nature of this Light is holiness and love that is expressed in My mercy and grace.

The Light is not only personal, it is powerful. It is not only powerful, it is personal.

You walk in the Light of the truth, in Word and Spirit.

As you live in the Light of My truth there is nothing in you to make you stumble. Instead you have the anointing of the Holy One who enables you to walk in holiness and righteousness.

As I AM the Light of the world, so I have called you and all My children to be the Light of the world.

The more you live at one with the Light, the more the nature of that glorious Light shines out of you to impact the lives of other people; rays of glory to establish My will in them!

In that Light lies your forgiveness and healing.

This Light is also your Wisdom.

Where the Light shines there is mercy and forgiveness, love and grace, wisdom and power, holiness and righteousness, the glory that establishes My will in the lives of My people.

All over the world this Light is impacting the lives of people, establishing My will and purpose in their lives.

I died to deliver My people from the darkness of sin and to bring them into the Light of My heavenly glory! I want to see that Light abounding in their lives, for in that Light is joy and freedom.

I do the work of inner cleansing, making everything new. This then affects the outward appearance and the health of the believer, enabling more Light to shine out of him or her!

The Light became Man, full of grace!

You need time to bask in the Light so that more of My glory can radiate out of your life.

I drew apart to spend time with MY Father so that the Light would radiate through My life, producing the Father’s works in and through Me. The time I spent apart with Him was vital and essential to His purpose for Me.


This Light is the truth. Whatever opposes the Light is darkness and cannot come from Me.

Hold fast to that Light with an honest and good heart.

The power of My blood brings Light where before there was darkness.

What you see with the eyes of faith brings Light into your life.

There is nothing good in the flesh for there is no Light there, only the darkness of self. This is why those who are intent on their own way avoid the Light. They cannot stand to be where the Light shines.

Those who live by the truth come readily into the Light, for they have nothing of which to be ashamed.

Those who follow Me shall never walk in darkness.

Nothing is to be allowed to hinder the way the Light of My glory is to shine out of your life.

You will bless Me by walking in the Light at all times.

The Light that brought creation into being came into the world.

You have that Light within you so that you can walk in the Light, have fellowship with the Light and allow that Light to shine out of your life.

The Light of My love, My holiness and My glory will overcome the darkness of the world around you!

The deceived believe they are walking in the Light whereas in fact they are the blind leading the blind.

Trust in the Light and I will use you to bring deliverance to many who at present are walking in darkness.

It is not possible for Light and darkness to have fellowship.

As you walk in the Light, those who walk with you will also walk in the Light.

As soon as anyone takes the path of judgment and unforgiveness they can no longer fellowship with the Light.

To be restored to the Light is to be delivered from soulishness and restored to what is truly spiritual!

My Light is spiritual Light, life and love.

Those who walk in the Light walk by faith. Trusting in the Light gives them perception as to what is good and right in My eyes.

The power of My forgiveness is the only way by which people are saved from the darkness.

The god of this age blinds people to the truth to keep them in the darkness of their sins. When set free they come to know My glorious Light that I desire for them.

I decree that Light shall shine where before there was darkness. I decree this for those I have chosen.

You are a child of Light living at one with the Light. To live in the Light is to live in the truth.

Some avoid the Light because it exposes the sinful nature of their deeds, the deeds that belong to darkness.

At the time of judgment everything will be seen for what it is. Everything will be exposed by the Light.

I choose who will belong to the Light. They become sons of the Light and of the day. Their new birth is as the breaking of a glorious new dawn in their lives.

They walk in daylight by standing form in their faith, no matter how much the opposition tries to draw them back into the darkness of self-dependence.

It is darkness to break covenant with Me or with others. Whoever loves his brother lives in the Light of My truth and there is nothing in him that causes him to stumble. Whoever does not love his brother remains in darkness.

In the heavenly city I Myself am its Light. Those who belong to the Light will live there eternally.

I have made it possible for you to live at one with Me now in My divine glory so that the Light of My glory can shine out of you.

As you walk in the Light so you will walk in love, in the truth, in freedom!

I want everything in your life to be filled with My Light. For this to be a reality you are to be fully yielded to My Holy Spirit who will always guide you in the Light.

The Father is Light. The Son is Light. The Holy Spirit is Light.

In Me there is no darkness!

Living in the Light is living in My abundant life, love, peace, joy, power and praise. It is to know the revelation of My glory in your midst as you enjoy the Feast of My abundance that I have provided for you as My children.

The Light of My glory is always the motive behind all My actions, for I created mankind to know the Light of My glory.

As My child, I have qualified you to share in the inheritance of one who belongs My Kingdom of Light.

Wherever that Light shines out of the lives of My children, it penetrates the darkness and overcomes the darkness of the world, enabling My Kingdom to be revealed and to be extended.

My Light always prevails over darkness. The darkness cannot withstand My Light!

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Colin Urquhart

Apostolic leader, founder of Kingdom Faith and well known author of many best sellers, Colin Urquhart has been ordained for over 50 years. His apostolic ministry is widely recognised and valued throughout the world. Read more...

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