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The 7 principles of the Kingdom of God:

  1. The principle of mercy: Reflects God's mercy
  2. The principle of love: Reflects God's love
  3. The principle of increase: Reflects God's grace
  4. The principle of faith: Reflects God as Faithful and True
  5. The principle of authority: Reflects God as Lord
  6. The principle of power: Reflects God as Almighty
  7. The principle of unity: Reflects God as One: Father, Son & Holy Spirit

The way these principles are outworked in believers’ lives:

  1. Through forgiving others and being compassionate.
  2. Through love for God, neighbour and loving other believers with God’s love.
  3. Through generous giving of themselves and of their resources.
  4. Through faith in God and His Word; by living in a relationship of trust in Him.
  5. Through submission to God’s authority, His Word; by honouring leaders.
  6. Through dependence on the Holy Spirit to obey the Lord & reveal His power.
  7. Through unity of relationship with God in prayer and worship, with others in the Body of Christ so that the Kingdom of God can impact the world.

The enemy’s opposition to these Kingdom principles:
The enemy encourages believers to live in the flesh rather than in the Spirit by:

  1. Refusing to forgive, to hold on to hurt and offence.
  2. Placing focus on self instead of denying self to love, serve and bless others.
  3. Encouraging selfishness rather than giving generously of their lives and substance.
  4. Focus on reason, feelings and circumstances, rather than on faith in the Word.
  5. Fostering independent, disobedient and even rebellious attitudes.
  6. Dependence on self and natural ability rather than on anointing.
  7. Creating division wherever he is allowed to do so, weakening the witness of the church and its ability to impact the world with the gospel.

The fruit that results from believers living out these seven Kingdom principles:

God’s light shines out of individual believers and the corporate body of the church when these principles are expressed in their lives. The light shines into the spiritual darkness of the world, enabling the Kingdom to advance and the devil’s dominion of darkness to retreat.

These principles are the outworking of a righteous and holy life, the life to which all Christians are called. They are righteousness and holiness in practice.

Therefore living by these principles gives glory to God because of the fruit that results both in individual believers and in the local church.

Believers are able to live at peace with God, with others and with themselves. Their hearts are filled with joy and this radiates from their lives.

Believers are thankful for the gift of God’s Kingdom and for the gift of the Holy Spirit who enables them to live by these principles of the Kingdom, and so express the life of Jesus in their own lives.

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Colin Urquhart

Apostolic leader, founder of Kingdom Faith and well known author of many best sellers, Colin Urquhart has been ordained for over 50 years. His apostolic ministry is widely recognised and valued throughout the world. Read more...