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02.01.2014 / Jesus, the Light of Life

(The following is a series of words received from the Lord in prayer concerning His Light, truths that are relevant for all believers. You can apply these words to your own personal life.)

I AM the WORD that is the LIGHT of LIFE!

Receiving that Light enabled you to become My child.

Just as Light is the creative force in the universe, so the entrance of that Light enabled Christ to be born in you.

The entrance of that Light causes the new birth that turns a sinner into a saint, one who is called to walk in the Light, be at one with the Light of the world, to live in fellowship with the Light and in covenant relationship with the Light.

The One who is the Light died for you to overcome every evidence of darkness in your life.

The nature of this Light is holiness and love that is expressed in My mercy and grace.

The Light is not only personal, it is powerful. It is not only powerful, it is personal.

You walk in the Light of the truth ... Read more

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19.12.2013 / The Cross Made Personal

Jesus took upon Himself all my diseases and suffering. He was punished by God for my sake. God deliberately made Him suffer affliction on my behalf. It was my sins that truly caused Him to be pierced on the cross. It was my disobedience that made it necessary for Him to be crucified. He suffered the punishment I deserved so I could have peace with God. It was because of the lashes He received that I am healed.

I was like a sheep that had strayed, choosing to turn to my own way. Even so it was the Lord Himself who placed on Him all my sins.

He was oppressed as He suffered for me, yet He said nothing in protest. He was like a sacrificial lamb being led to the slaughter for my sake, like a sheep that says nothing to its shearers. Oppression and judgment caused His death on my behalf. It was my rebellion that caused His suffering.

He was made to die like a criminal for my sake, even though He was not guilty, had never acted violently, nor said an untrue word. Yet He was buried in a tomb of ... Read more

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18.09.2013 / The Nature of God’s Love in Believers

Love is one of the four cornerstones of the Feast. It is exercised in conjunction with the other three cornerstones. So this is love that comes from the glory of God and gives glory to Him when expressed in the lives of those who belong to the Feast. It is holy love and so reveals the presence of the Holy One! Such love means that the believer wants nothing to do with anything that is unholy in the Lord’s eyes. It is victorious love that enables the believer to overcome all that does not belong to the Feast, both in his own life and in the circumstances that arise in his experience.

Because of the nature of this love it is entirely the work of the Holy Spirit within believers.  It cannot be generated by self-effort or determination. It comes from participation in the Feast and can only be maintained by continuing to live in the Feast. This is why this love is different in kind and degree from that which is normally evidenced among Christians.

This love has to find practical expression in the lives of those who possess it; they fulfil ... Read more

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Colin Urquhart

Apostolic leader, founder of Kingdom Faith and well known author of many best sellers, Colin Urquhart has been ordained for over 50 years. His apostolic ministry is widely recognised and valued throughout the world. Read more...

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